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Ashford Chroming offer a chroming, chrome plating, rechroming and electroplating service for just about anything made of metal.

We offer a simple to use restoration service to home restorers, collectors and enthusiasts across the globe. Renovating and restoring classic and vintage motorcycle parts, cars parts, bikes parts, boat parts, kitchen-ware fittings, bath-ware fittings, door furniture, antiques, musical instruments and more.

If you would like to find out more about our chrome plating and electroplating services, here are some good places to start:
• Chroming, Chrome Plating, Rechroming, Chrome Restoration - Find out more about our parts chroming services.

• The chrome plating restoration process - From booking in your parts to hand checking the final results. We explain how the chroming process works.

• A few kind words from our many customers - Lots of nice things people have to say about our electroplating, chroming, re-chroming and chrome plating.

• Terms and conditions of business - The boring stuff.

• Get an estimate for your chroming and electroplating work - The easiest way to get prices for your chroming today.

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Ashford Chroming offer electroplating and metal finishing services to the trade and general public across the UK including areas Kent, London, Essex, Dorset, Cornwall, Ireland and Scotland.