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Shot Blasting, Blast Cleaning Services.

The best way to prepare metal parts before finishing.

Note: If you want to remove chrome, Nickel, Copper, Gold or Silver Plating - Use our dechroming service. This will electrochemically remove all traces of plating.
Sandblasting is now illegal - Shot Blasting is a 100% recyclable alternative to sand blasting that is safe to use and good for the enviroment. If you a part for sandblasting - sandblasting a car body, Ashford Chroming can help.

Shot blasting | Blast cleaning is the term used for removing grease, dirt, rust and erosion from many types of metal using a 100% recyclable high-powered blasting process. Shot blaster Ashford Chroming offer a shotblasting services for all sorts of items such as a car body shell. We can shot blast just about anything!
If you cant find out more about the shot blasting process or would like an estimate:
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Ashford Chroming offer professional Shot Blasting | Blast Cleaning service to the trade and general public. Our workshop is 40ft x 20ft x 16ft tall. We can shot blast all sorts of items such as:

  • MOD Tipper Trucks
  • Railings
  • Car Body Shells
  • Engine Parts and Casings
  • Wheels
  • Motorcycle Frames
  • Household items
Our Shotblasting team have many years experience in the shot blasting process, ensuring your parts are shot blasted with the greatest of care and expertise. Along side our shot blasting services Ashford Chroming offer various methods of protecting your parts once the shot blasting process has been completed. They are:

The shot blasting process takes few hours, we work on a 2 week turnaround.

Why not drop us an email or call us today to discuss your shotblasting needs. Tel +44 01233 660 879.

Shot Blasting Photos (examples of our work):

Note: Payment is made on completion of works. We accept all types of payment including paypal. Sorry we cannot return work until full payment has been made. For more information read our terms and conditions.

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Ashford Chroming offer electroplating and metal finishing services to the trade and general public across the UK including areas Kent, London, Essex, Dorset, Cornwall, Ireland and Scotland.