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Chroming - FAQ.

If you have a chroming or chrome plating question that is not answered here please contact us we are always happy to help.

Q. Do I have to do any preparation work to items before they seent in for chroming, rechroming or chrome plating?
A. No. We will do all the pre chroming preparation work for you. All we ask you to do is dismantle the item to its simplest form. If you can't do this don't worry we know someone who can.
Q. Do you offer chroming, chrome plating or rechroming on Stainless Steel?
A. No. But we can mirror polish it to a very high finish.
Q. Do you offer chroming, chrome plating or rechroming on Aluminum?
A. Yes we can. The results can sometimes be hard to achieve due to the nature and purity of its composition, but we will always advise customers if we think there may be a problem. Aluminum can be highly polished to a mirror like finish and using compounds and mops stunning results can be achieved which is a good alternative to chrome plating and chroming.
Q. I don't live in Kent do you offer a postal service?
A. Yes. You can send your items for chroming to us by royal mail or courier we advise you use a recorded delivery service and make sure your items are adequately insured.
Q. Do you offer a delivery drop off service?
A. Yes we do. We operate a local van service in Kent and for customers outside our pickup drop-off zones we use Royal mail and City Link for return of items anywhere in the world.
Q. How do I Pay?
A. Payment must be made by Cash, or online using a credit or debit card. Cheques will only be accepted if approved prior, otherwise payment must be cleared before we release items. Items returned by courier or Royal Mail must be paid for prior to return by cleared funds; I.e. a bank transfer of cheque. Bank details are available on request.
Q. Can you make repairs to metal such as remove dents and holes from bumpers before they are put through for chroming?
A. Yes we can. We have a skilled metal polisher who can remove dents, fill holes and if necessary make new parts from new stock if required.
Q. Do you use triple plate chrome in your chroming, rechroming process?
A. Yes we do. We light copper, nickel then chrome plating. The copper makes a good base coat for conductivity, the nickel is the shiny silver and the chrome plating gives the nickel a luster and protection.
Q. Do you heavy copper plate?
A. Yes we do. Heavy copper pate is used much like "high build filler" in car body repairs. The copper is almost self leveling and helps fill the small pits that often appear in eroded metal or within its composition. After heavy copper plating we then re-polish to achieve a better smoother finish. If any item requires this process we will notify you of any additional cost before we carry out the work,
Q. Can you remove deep pitting in metal?
A. Yes we can. We use finishing (sanding) at various grits to cut away unwanted, rust, pits and scratches. Depending on the material and thickness will depend on how much we cut away. Furthermore some pits or tiny pin holes are in the metal when it was formed and finishing will just reveal more. A heavy coat of copper plate is used to fill the pits followed by a light polish to flatten the surface. Sometimes pitting can be sever and in these scenarios we can fill them with silver soldier or braze welds. These repairs are then gently linished to return a flat smooth surface. All this takes patience and time and costs money. We will advise you of the best process to restore your item. And if we need to use heavy copper plate or repair welds we will notify you of any additional costs before we proceed.
Q. Are your chroming, chrome plating and rechroming estimates fixed price?
A. Yes. But, by the nature of chroming and rechroming work, if we find that an item requires further work to obtain a satisfactory finish such as heavy copper plate, repairs or welding or more polishing time we will notify you of such work costs. We will not carry out any work that was not estimated for without your approval. The results are reliant on the skills, processes and time spent on each item and unfortunately we cannot give time of materials for free.
Q. What if I am not happy with the chroming, rechroming results?
A. We use proven methods to obtain results. We have 40 years experience in these methods and we are always inventing new ones to get better results. We make no claims or guarantees as to the results we can achieve as this is governed by many factors such as material, shape, size, quality and thickness, composition of metal. We always inspect work after it is stripped and if we feel more time needs to be spent to achieve the desired result we will notify you and give you the option. All work is checked before it is wrapped for pits, scratches or plating in-regularities. If we feel the result is sub standard we will notify you and re-do the job from scratch at no cost. Sometimes it is not possible or advisable to re-do a job as the metal may be too thin to re-strip and linish. However, If you are not happy with a result you should raise your concerns at time of collection. or notify us within 7 days of the invoice date. We will always listen to customers concerns and re-consider whether we feel the results are worthy. But we make no guarantee as to the results that we can achieve.
Q. Does your chroming, chrome plating and rechroming services have guarantees?
A. Yes 12mths from date of Invoice subject to our standard terms and conditions.
Q. How can I care for chroming, chrome plating after it is chrome plated?
A. Each item is polished and waxed before it is wrapped to protect it. If you want to polish your chrome work we sell a range of hot and cold chrome polishes that we use and recommend. We also have some extremely fast acting "detail spray" to brighten up your chrome if your looking for a show like shine.

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