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De Chroming {Chrome Stripping} Service.

Ashford Chroming offer a professional dechroming and chrome stripping service.
If you have metal parts that are electro-plated in Chrome, Nickel, Copper, Brass, Gold or Silver. We can strip them for you. We offer a professional chrome stripping service that will safely remove all the chrome layers from your metal parts taking them back to bare metal and ready for re-finishing.

Metal parts that are finished in chrome plating comprise of 3 layers. Chrome, Nickel and Copper. Each layer requires a different process of removal. We don't sand or grind your parts back to metal. Instead we use the same process that was used to apply the chrome but in reversal. This is called "reverse-electroplating".

This is the safest way of returning your parts back to bare metal ready for painting, polishing, powder coating or any other process you care to choose.

Whether you have model parts, boat parts, door handles, bathroom taps, classic car parts, motorcycle parts or household items we can dechrome them for you. We offer a fast turn around of de chroming and offer a full collection and delivery service throughout the UK and Europe.

If you would like and estimate or want to find out if your parts can be de-chromed, please use the links on this page to get an estimate or contact us.

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