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Misty Headlamps - We can help!

If your headlamp units are misty. Help is at hand. We offer a specialist rechroming/resilvering service for all types of metal reflector based units.

MOT Failure? If your classic, vintage or modern car has just failed it's MOT due to misty hedlamps we can help. Our reflector rechroming service will get your misty headlamps rechromed and back to MOT standards.

Ashford Chroming offer a complete Headlamp reflector rechroming service.
Silver plating is the best way to refurbish misty headlight reflectors offering a superior finish to that of rechroming reflectors.
We can restore all types of steel headlamp and headlight units by resilvering the reflectors.
If you would like advice or an estimate to have your headlight reflectors resilvered and refurbished:
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How we resilver misty headlight reflectors

The process involves chemically stripping the existing metal/paint or finish from the headlamp reflectors, and then polishing before silver plating and a final polish. Steel reflectors are often rusty and sometimes require a gentle blast before re silvering. They cost more to re-silver because they are nickel plated before being silver plated. This allows the silver plating to adhere properly and creates a better overall shine to the reflector. Some light pitting can be silvered over, or polished out. But if the lights are heavily coroded, pits can still remain visible.

Reflectors that have dents, old gasket material and or heavy coatings will take extra time to prepare, and so it is advised that you send us a photograph for an estimate before commencing with work.

We can offer a complete headlamp, headlight disassembly and reassembly service as well as general repairs and lens cleaning, again at extra charge. So you can take your lights off the car, box them up and send them straight in to us. Our turn around is normally between 3-4 weeks but we offer a priority service for 7-10 days at a 15% surcharge.

Headlight Rim and Casing re-chroming
Ashford Chroming can also restore and re-chrome your headlamp rims and casings to a very high finish - find our more about our chroming services.
Why not drop us an email or call us today to discuss your headlamp restoration and refurbishment requirements. Tel +44 01233 660 879.

Note: Payment is made on completion of works. We accept all types of payment including paypal. Sorry we cannot return work until full payment has been made. For more information read our terms and conditions.

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