From wheel caps to bumpers, grilles to gear knobs we make it easy to get a top chrome job on your car project.

Years ago when we started out we were predominantly a classic car chrome restoration company. So here is where we grew our roots and our wealth of knowledge was gained. From hobby projects to show finish prestige collections, classics to American rides we have chromed them all. Buckingham Palace commissioned us to help with the chroming of a classic Aston and we regularly help classic car workshops with bright work on customer's projects.

Picture of customers classic car internal door window winder for rechroming.
Photo of customers Jaguar classic car parts for chroming.

We can chrome almost any car part. The most notable exception being alloy wheels.

  • Bonnet and boot catches
  • Indicator and light housings, light rims and reflectors
  • Bumpers, quarter bumpers, and overiders
  • Door frames, widow frames and windscreen surrounds
  • Gear levers, ashtrays, handbrakes and window winders
  • Grilles, bonnet spears and bonnet trims
  • AA, RAC badges, Scripts and motifs

Our many years of experience in both vintage and classic cars make us the first choice for chrome restoration in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, and it's no wonder.

With over 7,000 customers and growing we are revolutionizing an industry. Making it a safer, easier experience to get your car parts rechromed and restored.

Photo of our customers classic car showing bumper and overider for chrome restoration.

An awesome team here to help you restore your classic car parts.

If you need us, or would prefer to talk to someone about your car parts, we are here to help.

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Actual picture of a classic car grill rechromed by Ashford Chroming.
Actual picture of a set of classic door handles rechromed by Ashford Chroming.
Pair of front over-riders restored with chrome plating for a classic car by Ashford Chroming.
Stunning Rolls Royce Silver Shadow flying lady lovingly rechromed by Ashford Chroming.
Very happy customer holding a classic car bumper re chromed by Ashford Chroming.
Beautiful Lotus hub caps lovingly restored in chrome by Ashford Chroming.

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