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Musical instruments are known for their shiny bright appearance. chrome, copper nickel and gold are popular choices for the discerning musician.

Whilst we can restore original parts, we can also change the colour of new parts with a "wash and plate" process which involves removing the original colour and replacing with your chosen plate. There is no polishing involved and this process can be extremly cost effective with a fast turn-around. Ask your sales representative for details.

Restore musical instruments
Photo of customers electric guitar with metal parts that require rechroming.

Customised musical projects are something we take great interest in. Each job usually has an entertaining story and we like to lend our expertise to new and exciting projects that these jobs create.

We recently gold plated microphones for a tour featuring Nicky Minaj and Drake, as well as props for Madam Tussaud's of London.

We work on large runs of newly fabricated parts like trumpet tops for wholesale distributors, as well as small projects for budding musicians such as guitar bridges and piano pedals.

We can restore original parts, like brass trumpets and bugles, to brand new pieces like drum sets and guitar bridges.

  • Piano Pedals
  • Trumpet Tops
  • Guitar bridges
  • Drum kits, stands and Rings
  • Banjo and Ukulele Parts
  • Harp fingers
Photo of customers trumpet that requires re-silvering.
Actual photo of drum kit restored and rechromed.

If you have an up and coming restoration project for a musical instrument, or just have a part or have a new part that needs a colour change. talk to Ashford Chroming.

With over 7,000 customers we are revolutionizing an industry. Making it a safer, easier experience to get your musical parts chromed and restored.

Photo of musical instrument restored in gold plating.
Photo of finished musical instrument resilvered.
Photo of musical instrument finished with rechroming.

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