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The UK's leading chrome bumper restoration shop.

Car bumpers and overider projects form the largest part of our vehicle restoration work. We undertake many different projects and see some of the most beautiful classic cars passing through our workshops. We strip, repair, polish and plate thousands of bumpers and with our reputation of the UK's leading chrome plating shop our customers extend to VIP's with private collections all over the World. Some of our clients include TV celebrities, musicians and Royal households.

Rechromed Classic Car Bumpers
Chrome plated bumpers

Ashford Chroming can accomodate the larger American bumpers such as the Lincolns and Cadillacs as well as the slimmer European bumper bars such as the Peugeot 202 and the 1930's Rolls Royce.

  • Bumper blades
  • Bumper trims
  • Quarter bumpers
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Over-riders
  • Number plate housings
  • Bumper bars

If you would like to find out how much it costs to restore and rechrome your classic, vintage car bumpers, talk to Ashford Chroming.

With over 7,000 customers we are revolutionizing an industry. Making it a safer, easier experience to get your classic and vintage car bumper parts restored online.

Big American bumper rechrome

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Vintage car grill restored in chrome - example of our work Ashford Chroming.
Photo first class chrome job - example of our work Ashford Chroming..
Photo of a set of over-riders restored in chrome - example of our work Ashford Chroming..
Photo showing quality of chrome for bumpers, Lotus - example of our work Ashford Chroming..
Photo of chrome restoration work for bumpers by Ashford Chroming.
Photo customer collecting rechromed bumper.

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