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Easily restore and resilver classic or vintage headlamp reflectors.

Raleigh chopper chrome plating

Classic and vintage vehicles can retain their chrome shine and beautiful paintwork for many years, even sometimes original finishes can last for decades but the same can't be said for headlight reflectors. Whilst originally finished in silver, reflectors show signs of dulling and ageing easily, despite being in sealed units. We process hundreds of units every year and can advise customers on how to safely remove the lenses and filaments in order for us to process the reflectors effectively.

If you have a lamp reflector unit that needs reconditioning we can restore the metal reflector with our silver replating service.

Re-chroming your headlamp reflectors is often cheaper than buying new replacement units or in most cases is the only solution, where new one's are not readily available.

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We have made it even easier to get a first class chroming job. You box em, we collect and we return. It's all part of our great chroming service.

Vehicle headlamp reflectors MOT failure.

Has your vehicles headlamps failed the MOT test? Don't worry.

Ashford Chroming can re-silver, re-chrome and restore your headlamp reflectors for most motorcycles and classic cars to current UK MOT Standards UK Mot standards.

Headlamps are chemically stripped. Repolished and then resilvered using chrome.

Photo of headlamp reflector failed MOT

All types of lamp reflectors as long as it's metal.

Customers headlamp reflector requires resilvering

We can offer a headlamp reflector reconditioning service for all types of automotive and motorcycle lamps:

  • Classic, Vintage, European and US reflectors
  • Lucas and Bosch units
  • 2", 4",6", 8" and larger
  • Rectangle or round
  • Twin or single units
  • Metal units only

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If you have an damaged, faulty or rusty headlamp reflectors

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Actual photo of a pair of Porsche headlamp reflectors resilvered by Ashford Chroming.

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