We restore boat projects on a weekly basis, from cleats and hooks to railings, horns and winches.

Maritime projects are favoured here at Ashford Chroming. There's just nothing better than a fully restored oak deck with shining chrome winches blinking in the sun.

We were commissioned by a member of the Royal family to undertake a restoration on a superyacht last summer, which featured in Hello magazine some months later.

Actual photo of boat winches restored and chromed by Ashford Chroming.
A customers boat winch in need of chroming.

We restore marine projects on a weekly basis. From cleats and hooks to railings and horns.

We carry out a lot of restoration and rechroming work of lewmar winches for our many marintime customers.

We work on small jobs too, little projects are very welcome and can enjoy a quicker turn around.

  • Cleats, hooks and lines
  • Rails
  • Anchors
  • Window and portholes
  • Door frames and door handles
  • Lights and spot lights
  • Steering wheels and horns.
Customers parts from a boat that need to be rechromed.

An awesome team here to help you.

If you need us, or would prefer to talk to someone about your chroming project, we are here to help.

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Customers cleat from his boat that he wants chrome plating.

If you have a project for a boat, have winches you need restored, or just have a part or two that needs a rechrome, talk to Ashford Chroming.

With over 7,000 customers we are revolutionizing an industry. Making it a safer, easier experience to get your marine parts chromed and restored.

Boat search lamp rechromed
Boat part restoration in chrome plate
Boat winch rechroming

What are you waiting for? Get your boat parts restored today, effortlessly.

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