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"I am restoring an 80's BMX and took some parts to Ashford Chroming just to see what the finish was like. When I got them back I was so pleased I have since had the rest of the chrome done and it looks great. I thoroughly recommend their service."

Russel Lee, BMX parts

We restore parts for Raleigh Chopper, BMX and Racers.

Whether you're an 80's BMX fan or a vintage penny farthing owner, we can help with your bike restoration project. Two of our staff were BMX youth champions back in the day and bring a genuine love for restoring these beautiful bikes.

Classic car chrome plating
Photo of customers Raleigh chopper parts for chrome plating.

Raleigh Choppers, Grifters, BMX and racers pass through our doors on a regular basis and always bring a smile and a feeling of nostalgia to the team. We have also carried out a wealth of work on Reynolds tubed frames and forks.

  • Frames and front forks (BMX, Racers, Choppers)
  • Cranks and pedals
  • Brakes and brake levers
  • Handle bars, sissy bars, stays and seat posts
  • Mud guards and chain guards
  • Lights
  • Despoked wheel rims and hubs
Customers Carlton racer frame for chrome plating (Renoylds Tubing)
Customers Rayleigh handlebars that need rechroming.

If you have an up and coming restoration project for a bike, or just have a part or two that needs a rechrome, talk to Ashford Chroming.

With over 7,000 customers we are revolutionizing an industry. Making it a safer, easier experience to get your bicycle parts chromed and restored.

Actual photo of bicycle frame rechromed by Ashford Chroming
Actual photo of bicycle handlebars finished in chrome by Ashford Chroming
Actual photo of some bicycle rims restored in chrome by Ashford Chroming

What to know all the nuts and bolts about chroming. Learn about our process and get answers to questions.

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