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Yes. We can restore your orignal exhaust downpipes and silencers.

Scooter exhaust from a lambretta before it has been rechromed.

Many chrome platers refuse to rechrome exhausts and downpipes due to the carbon deposits held within the pipes and baffles. These deposits interfere with the chemicals used in the plating process. This leaves collectors and enthusiasts no choice but to scrap the orginal exhaust pipes settling for inferer later day replicas that offer a far less attractive cheaper chrome finish.

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Ashford chroming solve this problem by offering an exhaust rechroming service. With the high volume of work we undertake we have been able to run a dedicated plant for our exhaust work. The only factor is that the baffles must be removed from the silencer. Our rechroming service allows you to keep your bike orignal and benefit from our superior triple plate chrome restoration, that provides a better longer lasting finish for your restoration project.

Vintage motorcycle exhausts parts that can be rechromed.
Customers downpipes from classic motorcycle in need of chroming.

We rechrome all exhaust parts and fittings as long as you have removed the baffles.

  • Downpipes
  • Exhaust system
  • Two in one systems
  • Four cylinder
  • Single piece exhaust pipe
  • Header pipes

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Example of our work - chrome exhaust restoration by Ashford Chroming.
Example of our work - rechromed motorcycle parts.
Example of our work - completed motorcycle parts in chrome plate.
Example of our work for chrome motorcycle exhausts.
Example of our work mirror polished motorcycle exhaust
Example of our work - rechromed motorcycle handlebars.

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